Augmented Reality Security Glasses

World class real-time Facial Recognition

Detects, tracks, stores, and recognises multiple faces in live video in real-time

Watch list detection

In-view alert overlay



Watchlist Detection

Simultaneously compares numerous faces against database images in real-time to identify suspects or VIPs


In view alert overlay

Provides a clear stereoscopic augmented reality interface with a selection of information visualisation options



Light and discreet which ensures that security guards don't feel strained or uncomfortable

Hybrid Mobile Computing

Ipsotek's VISense is an advanced Facial Recognition solution consisting of augmented reality glasses with inbuilt Facial Recognition capabilities. Identified faces are overlaid seamlessly on to a security guard’s vision to equip them with a sixth sense.

Other applications for VISense are that alarms from VISuite can be automatically sent to the glasses to show the wearer an alarm snapshot, for example of an intruder in a restricted area. Live video from surveillance cameras can be streamed to the glasses to provide the wearer with real-time situational awareness of an event. Video from the glasses can also be streamed from the glasses back to the control room so that operators can view what the wearer is seeing.

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