■ Aviation deployments since 2007

■ 26+ global aviation deployments

■ Proven Video Analytics and Facial Recognition solutions

■ Powered by AI

■ Unparalleled flexibility & performance

■ Government certifications and accreditation

Ipsotek’s first airport deployment was in 2007, since then our intelligent Video Analytics and Facial Recognition solutions have been successfully deployed across thousands of cameras in more than 26 airport projects around the world.

Our products are trusted and approved by Airport Operators, Airlines, Transportation Authorities and Government Ministries of Interior around the world. We currently protect more than 400M passenger journeys per annum (based on ACI forecasts for 2018).

As a company we understand the business challenges of operating an airport whilst maintaining a safe and secure environment for staff and passengers. Our products include a range of innovative solutions that cover: kerb-side, check-in & screening, immigration, departures, apron and air-side facilities.

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