VISuite Investigation

Multi-camera Tracking Tool

Patented Tag and Track multi-camera tracking solution

Track people and vehicles in real-time

Operates on a network of overlapping and non-overlapping cameras

Multiple Tag and Track search criteria for optimal operational efficiency


Multi-Camera Tracker


Overlapped and Non-Overlapped Cameras


Live or Forensic Deployment

VISuite Investigation incorporates our patented Tag and Track, Artificial Intelligence Video Analytics (A.I.V.A.) tracking solution that operates on a network of overlapping and non-overlapping CCTV cameras to track a “tagged” individual or vehicle. Once a person or vehicle has been tagged the system automatically follows that person or vehicle, intuitively waiting and reacquiring them when they disappear into areas not covered by the CCTV camera network.

VISuite Investigation also allows the operator to determine where an individual or vehicle has been in time to ascertain where they first appeared on the CCTV network. Tagging can either be performed by operators using the intuitive Incident response GUI (IR GUI), or automatically when certain Video Analytics, Face Recognition or other sensors have been triggered. VISuite Investigations parametrises the appearance of the tagged individual or vehicle (based on a number of different visual identifiers) and tracks this compilation of metadata.

When combined with VISuite Forensics, hundreds of hours of incident related video footage can reviewed in minutes to produce a detailed account of an individual or vehicles movements across the CCTV camera network.

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