License Plate Recognition

Advanced License Plate Recognition (LPR) algorithms for multiple countries

Average speed detection

Operates on a network of overlapping and non-overlapping cameras

Advanced trackers and AI detectors monitor all license plates


License Plate recognition engine that captures license plates in real-time and compares them against a watchlist database


Precise, accurate number plate detection even in busy scenes


Vehicles can be tracked across a network of CCTV cameras with their path overlaid on a map enhancing increased situational awareness

VISuite LPR utilises advanced Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) algorithms to automatically detect number plates even in a busy scene. Precise and accurate data formed from the reading of plates can then be stored or compared to a database for multiple applications. Number plate algorithms for multiple countries are available as standard.

The watchlist solution detects plates that have previously been enrolled in a Watchlist and raises an alarm when a match is found. When combined with VISuite Forensics and VISuite Investigation, hundreds of hours of incident related video footage can reviewed in minutes to produce a detailed account of a vehicle’s movements across the CCTV camera network.

VISuite LPR supports multiple IP cameras from different vendors.

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