Facial Recognition


■ Airport Facial Recognition deployments since 2013

■ Largest Facial Recognition deployment: 350+ cameras capturing more than 11 million faces per month

■ Integrate with third-party IoT devices such as access control

■ Bespoke scenarios e.g. hostile reconnaissance

■ Forensic search millions of faces in seconds and plot results on to a GIS map

■ Cloud based Facial Recognition recognition database

■ VISense - Augmented Reality glasses as stand-alone or 4G connected

Ipsotek's Facial Recognition solution is proven to perform well in busy crowded environments such as airports and religious sites. From an operational perspective it can alert operators to wanted individuals by triggering alarms in real time. In a forensic mode it can be configured to capture and store faces which can then be searched to find a suspect.

Our system is compatible with IP cameras and in environments with challenging lighting conditions (such as strong backlight) can also support dedicated machine vision cameras which are controlled in real time to still capture high quality face images.

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