VISuite Forensics

Forensics Investigation Tool

Real-time content-based video retrieval

Search based on appearance, behaviour and face

Geo-tagged results to enhance situational awareness


Forensic search tool


Intuitive Interface


Ability to query complex descriptions

VISuite Forensics is a powerful forensic search tool that operates on the metadata generated by VISuite AI, VISuite FR and VISuite LPR. This provides the capability to search for a person, vehicle, or event. VISuite stores metadata about every face, object, person, and vehicle that is detected in the camera FOV and stores this information in the database node. VISuite Forensics enables operators to rapidly search this metadata to provide a fast and efficient method for content-based video retrieval.

In addition to rapid content-based video retrieval, VISuite Forensics also provides the capability to query complex descriptions in order to only display the events the operator is interested in. As VISuite Forensics is searching through metadata, rather than video, the search results are retrieved and displayed within seconds.

VISuite Forensics uses our Incident Response Graphical User Interface (IR GUI) which is ergonomically designed to provide an intuitive interface for control room operators. When integrated with third party systems such as a VMS, our IR GUI is available to the operator via the VMS GUI.

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