Forensics Investigation Tool

Real-time content-based video retrieval

Search based on appearance, behaviour and face

Geo-tagged results to enhance situational awareness


Forensic search tool


Intuitive Interface


Ability to query complex descriptions

VIForensics is a forensic search tool that operates on the metadata provided by VISuite 11 and VIFace to search for a person, vehicle or event. The system stores the metadata information about every face, object, person and vehicle the Video Analytics and Facial Recognition system has detected and stores this information in the VIForensics database. VIForensics enables operators to search this metadata which provides a fast and efficient method for content-based video retrieval.

The greatest benefit of VIForensics is the capability to query complex descriptions (in a similar way to the Scenario-Based Rule Engine) to only show the operator the events that they are interested in. As VIForensics is searching through metadata, rather than video, the search results are retrieved and presented to the operator within seconds.

VIForensics intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) enables the operator to use search filters to look for a specific person, vehicle or object. When the operator clicks on one of the results, they will see a snapshot of the person, vehicle or object and the location on a GIS map.

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