The Future Stadium: How video analytics AI is changing stadium experiences

By: Stephen Papaloizou | Oct 2, 2023

In recent years, attending sporting events has undergone a significant transformation, thanks to remarkable advancements in technology. Sports venues are rapidly evolving into smart stadiums, employing cutting-edge technologies like AI Video Analytics and 5G to enhance the fan experience.

Gone are the days of cash-only ticket purchases and static display boards. Technology has propelled stadiums into the digital age, with AI Video Analytics emerging as a game-changer poised to bring fans closer to the action while ensuring safety and convenience. As the roar of the crowd harmonises with innovation, modern stadiums are embracing AI Video Analytics to create a seamless matchday experience that transcends traditional spectatorship.

In this article, we will delve into the challenges faced by stadiums and explore how AI Video Analytics can revolutionise the fan experience while bolstering stadium security.

Enhancing Safety and Elevating the Experience with AI Video Analytics

AI Video Analytics’ most significant contribution lies in enhancing fan safety, revolutionising stadium security.

Stadiums are complex environments, fraught with risks, challenges, and compliance issues. While the majority of sports enthusiasts behave responsibly, stadiums can attract troublemakers, and the emotional fervour of sports can lead to unruly behaviour and confrontations.

To ensure fan safety, a comprehensive real-time view of stadium activities is essential. AI Video Analytics comes to the rescue by providing real-time monitoring of video footage, simplifying the detection and response to potential security threats. This technology seamlessly integrates with existing CCTV and VMS infrastructure, along with other IoT devices, offering dynamic insights and reducing response times.

Furthermore, advanced AI Video Analytics extends its monitoring capabilities to multiple access points, including entrances, exits, parking lots, dressing rooms, and queues. Inside the stadium, AI Video Analytics monitors for loitering and potential security risks, enabling prompt intervention. This dynamic response not only guarantees fan safety but also fosters an atmosphere of trust.

Elevating the Fan Experience

The fan's journey commences at the entrance, with AI Video Analytics orchestrating a symphony of convenience. It resolves entry congestion issues through strategically placed entrances and ticket-based assignments, while digital screens guide fans to alternative entry points during congestion.

AI Video Analytics also identifies hotspots within the stadium, enabling precision-targeted advertising that caters to fan preferences and provides a more personalised experience. This seamless approach extends to retail queues, where AI Video Analytics creates a hassle-free experience, removing traditional barriers and opening up new possibilities within the stadium.

Managing Crowd Dynamics

AI Video Analytics, armed with data from cameras, expertly navigates the complexities of crowd movement and size. It's more than just observation; it's a proactive approach to enhancing safety and convenience. As approaching crowds are meticulously monitored, alarms can be triggered when a crowd exceeds manageable proportions, prompting swift security intervention.

In the age of health and safety concerns, AI Video Analytics ensures compliance with stringent guidelines, such as allowing no more than five people per square metre. The magic happens in real-time, where AI Video Analytics effortlessly automates crowd analysis and alerts stadium staff members when intervention is required.

Charting the Path Forward: Tomorrow's Stadium Experience

The union of AI and technology beckons us towards a stadium experience that is not merely immersive but genuinely transformative. AI Video Analytics’ power lies in seamlessly integrating data into the fan's journey, harmonising convenience, security, and personalisation. This symphony of technology and passion extends beyond mere engagement, encapsulating the essence of fandom.

In this dance of innovation, AI Video Analytics enriches each moment with authenticity and meaning. As we anticipate the marvels of tomorrow, AI Video Analytics influence will usher in an era where fans don't merely watch; they live, breathe, and thrive within the electric embrace of the stadium.


Stephen Papaloizou – Account Manager UK & Europe, at Ipsotek, an Eviden Business at Atos Group.

Originally published by Football & Stadium Management October 2023 Issue
Featured image by juanmaalmazan from Pixabay

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