Security and operational efficiency are key concerns for the running of public or private transportation systems and environments. Identification and fast resolution of issues are of utmost importance to ensure the uninterrupted flow of people or vehicles and to reduce any knock-on effects. However, these environments and their usage are ever-changing with differing conditions, fluctuating flow and unpredictable causes of disruptions.

Rail and underground systems bring diverse challenges for the identification of threats or potential issues. Securing perimeters, safeguarding strict health and safety regulations, recording metrics and managing crowds are among common concerns.

Road environments suffer from fluctuating traffic flow and are hugely effected by accidents, congestion, speeding, adverse weather conditions and road maintenance; commonly causing disruption on roads, motorways, laybys, bridges, tunnels and car parks. 

Ipsotek’s advanced video analytics provide effective solutions to improve the efficiency of systems already in place. These can easily and accurately detect, analyse and alert to improve security, increase public safety and enhance operational performance of both road and rail environments.

Allow your operators to make proactive decisions in real- time from instant alerts to areas which require attention.



Traffic management

  • Active traffic management (as used by TfL using IRIDS [link to case study])
  • Congestion and incident detection (including smoke detection)
  • Journey time reduction


Safety and security

  • Managed motorways
  • Tunnel incident detection
  • Car surfing detection in car parks


Policing and enforcement

  • Illegal turns detection
  • Illegal parking detection
  • Wrong way detection
  • Speeding detection
  • Tailgating detection
  • Automatic Roadwork Monitoring (ARM)


Business intelligence and metrics

  • Pedestrian, cyclists and vehicle counting and classification
  • Pedestrian footfall measurement
  • Queue measurement and management




  • Perimeter protection
  • Passenger and vehicle tracking and threat level assessment


Safety and compliance on tracks, platforms and stations

  • Loitering and track intrusion detection
  • Crowd management
  • Level crossing obstacle detection
  • Track safety initiatives enforcement
  • Smoke detection
  • Monitoring “edge of platform” behaviour


Business intelligence

  • People counting and footfall metrics
  • Passenger tracking reports (heat map)
  • Queue measurement and management


Cost saving and performance enhancement

  • Minimise disruptions to service
  • Prevent theft of copper and valuable assets
  • Prevent vandalism and avoid liability for trespassers
  • Detect fare evaders



IFSEC, London 2018


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