Operations Management

Operations Management

Operations Management

Ipsotek’s advanced video analytics can provide you with the capabilities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your workplace systems, improve security, and increase performance. Disruptions to operations can result in major losses and detrimental impact on available services, therefore Ipsotek’s operations management solutions are designed to eliminate these disruptions as well as improve site operational efficiency, detect health and safety violations and ensure continued site compliance.
Operations management solutions include gaming table performance improvement in casinos, whereby activities can be automatically analysed. Successful deployments include monitoring spin rates for roulette, dealing rates for blackjack, and occupancy rates at gaming tables. Cheat detection is available and can significantly reduce shrinkage and reduce the number of interruptions of play.
Ipsotek’s operations management solutions also include roadwork monitoring to improve the performance of contractors, petrol forecourt monitoring (for unmanned petrol stations) to comply to safety standards with fewer personnel and camera sabotage/failure to trigger an alert when video signal is lost.

Features of Operations Management Solutions include:

  • High accuracy event counting and performance calculation
  • Detailed reports supplied to clients based on specific requirements
  • Count number of players at each table and number of games being played in casinos
  • Detect late bets and top-hatting in casinos
  • Detect security issues in unmanned petrol stations
  • Flexible deployment model – server or edge based analytics
  • Optional cloud based alarm hosting service

Benefits of Operational Management Solutions include:

  • Increase operational efficiency by relaying performance back to staff and minimising disruptions to operations
  • Bookmark videos to aid disputes and investigations
  • Improve response time to incidents
  • Consistent health and safety compliance

Key reference deployments

  • Car parks, Atec Security
  • Staff monitoring, Middle East
  • ARM, Transport for London, UK
  • Major casino chain, UK
  • Transport for London, UK
  • Unmanned petrol station, Basingstoke

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