Intrusion detection

Intrusion Detection





The London Eye is technically difficult environment... Ipsotek analytics enable us to continuously monitor the site, regardless of the changing environmental conditions. - Head of Security, London Eye


Intrusion Detection

Ipsotek provides a range of solutions to detect intrusion of an area. Our intruder detection system is approved for the protection of Critical National Infrastructure and offers a range of benefits.

The exit lane solution automatically monitors the boundary between landside and airside at airports, enforcing correct passenger behaviour without the need for security personnel.

Virtual turnstiles provide an intrusion detection solution when security must be present, but not intrusive by using two components; an intelligent camera, monitoring how many people pass from one side (public side) to the other (restricted side), and an RFID reading system (normally on the floor) The system’s job is to detect events where the number of people crossing over the virtual line between public and restricted sides does not exactly correlate to the number of RFID crossings.

Using Scenario Based Detection Ipsotek’s analytics are able to detect the behaviour of potential car thieves by only triggering an alarm when a person walks across 3 different parking bays in any order in the car park. This unusual behaviour would suggest that the individual is not getting into their own vehicle, but looking into a number of vehicles.

Other typical features of our intruder detection system include; anti-tailgating, suspicious behaviour detection, abandoned object detection, airside intrusion detection into cargo areas by un-vetted persons, cargo loading zone security and controlled critical path area. 

Features of Intrusion Detection

  • Approved for the protection of Critical National Infrastructure
  • Unique capability of an analytics and auxiliary inputs combination– Access control, RFID, etc.
  • Flexible deployment model – indoor and outdoor, server or edge based analytics
  • Cloud based alarms and statistics report with rapid deployment edge analytics

Benefits of Intrusion Detection

  • Prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas by detecting tailgating
  • Stop pass-back violations to airside in airport exit lanes
  • Increase operational efficiency by minimising disruptions to operations
  • Identify the exact location of intruders within a multi-camera network (with use of Ipsotek’s award winning Tag and Track™ technology)

Key reference deployments of Intrusion Detection

  • Airports – Edinburgh
  • BHA – Virtual turnstile
  • Australian Parliament House, Canberra, Australia

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