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Crowd Management





We've been impressed that multiple entrances have been covered with a high degree of accuracy. - Operations Director, The O2


Crowd Management

Ipsotek has successfully deployed numerous solutions for crowd management in venues, public spaces and areas with capacity requirements, providing crowd CCTV analytics for a number of applications. Typical crowd management operations include; queue management, which provides performance statistics for use in key performance indicator reports and management analysis.

The analytics algorithms used by Ipsotek were specifically designed for use in congested areas; areas where other systems struggle to count accurately due to the tendency of people to bunch together while moving through doors. With this technology, our crowd counting solution provides accurate data in real-time.
Our crowd CCTV analytics can also provide crowd density estimation, whereby Ipsotek capabilities provide a measure of occupancy in a given space without the need for defined entry points, exit points or pinch-points, as the measure originates from the individual camera view itself.
Journey time measurement is a solution which uses Ipsotek’s accurate crowd counting solution at various checkpoints throughout a large area to measure the mean journey or queue time. This can be combined with Bluetooth technology to further increase the detail of information that is collected from our crowd CCTV video analytics.
Smoke detection has been developed through a Visual Smoke Detection (VSD) algorithm that can be used to detect signs of smoke on the same cameras that are providing Ipsotek’s other solutions. 

Features of Crowd CCTV Analytics

  • Crowd counting solution with an accuracy of 95-99% regardless of pedestrian volume
  • Accurate real time picture of total occupancy
  • Receive alerts when capacity or predicted queue time reaches an unacceptable level
  • Smoke detection in crowded environments
  • Flexible deployment model – server or edge based analytics
  • Optional cloud based alarm hosting service
  • Crowd density estimation

Benefits of Crowd CCTV Analytics

  • Monitor the flow of people to avoid potential bottle necks, gridlocks and overcrowding
  • Improve customer service through efficient staff deployment
  • Reduce queue times and improve queue management
  • Improve safety management and evacuation plans by monitoring occupancy levels
  • Consistent health and safety compliance through real time crowd statistic updates

Key reference deployments of Crowd Management solution

  • Crowd management through people counting solution at The O2, Greenwich, UK
  • Crowd management through people counting solution at the LG Arena, Birmingham, UK
  • Monitoring occupancy levels for efficient staff deployment in BA VIP lounges, Heathrow Airport, UK

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