City Surveillance

City Surveillance

Smart and Safe City initiatives are becoming more prevalent as cities strive to reduce costs while preserving standards for law enforcement, anti-terrorism, public safety and public space maintenance. The advantages of high levels of safety and standards of living, alongside measurable operational improvements and efficiencies are clear and undeniably important. However, to achieve this 360° view of facilities and individuals, systems need to be interconnected intelligently. This includes information from existing management systems such as CCTV surveillance, traffic signalling, metro and tram data and even emergency service status. Centralised information from many diverse sensors can be fused to achieve overall situational awareness, and thereby support effective and timely decision making.

Ipsotek’s video analytics can provide an essential element towards a uniform city surveillance project. Our ability to analyse CCTV footage in real-time or forensically, provides knowledge and insight not found in other systems. Even more powerful, is our scenario-based analytics, which is able to evaluate many conditions simultaneously to correctly trigger an alarm from a detailed understanding of a complex scenario, dramatically reducing false alarms.


Safety and Security

  • Illegal parking, speeding, turns and wrong way detection
  • Vandalism prevention
  • Improve the efficiency of forensic investigations
  • Loitering and abandoned object detection
  • Intrusion detection
  • Smoke detection
  • Automatic roadwork monitoring
  • Pedestrian, cyclists, vehicle counting and classification
  • Overcrowding prevention

Policing and enforcement

  • Spot potential terrorist activity
  • Detect potential incidents and review rapidly for response and action

Business intelligence and city management

  • Tag and track – track multiple suspects in town centres and public spaces in real time
  • Active traffic management (using IRIDS)
  • Journey time reduction
  • Pedestrian footfall measurement and people counting 



IFSEC, London 2018


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