Cloud Based Alarm Management

Intuitive operator interface

Manage events, reports, forensics and tracking

Distributed architecture for large-scale country-wide deployments


Facilitates large volume of distributed data


Management on largescale citywide deployments


Cross functioning tool for multiple capabilities

Ipsotek VICloud is a hosted Video Analytics management solution that can be provided on a public or private cloud. Its main purpose is to facilitate the management of large volumes of distributed data points in an efficient and targeted way. VICloud primarily focuses on event management for large-scale country-wide or nationwide deployments. Customers like rail and road operators deploy and subscribe to VICloud to manage Video Analytics deployments which are often distributed across remote locations, or on redeployable systems, through a single interface that provides one or more operators access to relevant information from one or more locations.

VIClouds reporting and forensics function provide access to all of Ipsotek's products through a single intuitive interface.

VICloud also offers a number of maintenance and redundancy features that facilitate N+1 redundancy of the Ipsotek system for large multi-site deployments.

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