Video Analytics explained

Video analytics

Why use Video Analytics?

The use of CCTV surveillance in private and the public domain is being used more than ever*. With every action captured, how is this myriad of information used? The traditional method of manual surveillance through guards or monitoring centres simply cannot keep up with the volume or veracity and can, in itself, create a bottleneck for the processing of information. Automated monitoring systems, which use video analytics, help to ease the pressure and allow onsite or remote guards to see filtered results in real-time.

Whilst some Video Content Analysis (VCA) technologies allow you to recognise a set of actions, more advanced video analytics systems or Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) allow the recognition of behaviour patterns leading to near-human intelligence. Furthermore video analytics systems take pre-loaded ‘intelligence’ in the form of rules and mix with machine learnt understanding to bring context to the scene. Read more about Scenario based detection.

*RNCOS report: Global CCTV market estimated at US$23.5 billion by end of 2014


Benefits of Video Analytics

Improved security Eliminate human error and ensure operators are alerted to developing threats in real time for proactive monitoring and intervention
Maintained safety and compliance Maintain and comply with stringent health and safety regulations for overcrowding at venues and public areas, blocked emergency exits or incidents in tunnels and level crossings amongst others
Operational cost saving Reduce operational costs through the better use of existing infrastructure and technologies leading to significant ROI
Improved service quality Video analytics help identify areas for improvement to service quality by detection of events or behaviours to allow full optimisation of resources as appropriate
Performance enhancement Enhance operational performance with high detection and low false alarm rates improving reaction time
Policing and enforcement Identify and track suspects or objects for real time detection and improved efficiency in forensic investigations



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