Traffic Management

Traffic Management

Traffic Management

Ipsotek has various solutions to traffic management including; traffic incident detection, referring to blockages which disrupt other road users (e.g. traffic accidents) and congestion detection, detecting groups of stationary vehicles on roadways, even in complex real-world environments.
Our traffic management video analytics can also be used for traffic violation detection for incidents such as; such as illegal U-turns, going the wrong way down a one-way street, driving in a bus lane, box junction contraventions, parking in a non-designated area, or abandoning a vehicle.

Features of Traffic Management

  • High accuracy incident and traffic violation detection, classification and counting
  • Road works monitoring and performance measurement based on detailed reports
  • Control pan-tilt-zoom cameras to obtain an ID image (number plate or face recognition)
  • Our traffic management video analytics and traffic violation detection rate are unaffected by adverse weather conditions
  • Cloud based traffic violation detection alarms and statistics report with rapid deployment edge analytics
  • Automatic Traffic Incident Detection
  • Congestion Detection
  • Traffic Enforcement
  • Vehicle and pedestrian counting and classification

Benefits of Traffic Management Video Analytics

  • Increase operational efficiency by minimising disruptions to operations resulting in reduced response times to incidents
  • Reduce average journey times through active traffic management
  • Relieve congestion in major transport hubs by identifying potential gridlocks and directing traffic accordingly
  • Allow for quick preventative action to potential incidents and threats

Key reference deployments of Traffic Management Video Analytics

  • HASMOS, Highways Agency, UK
  • IRIDS, Transport for London (Tfl), UK
  • ARM, Transport for London (Tfl), UK
  • IRIDS, York City Centre, UK
  • ANITA, Birmingham, UK

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