Scenario based analytics

Abandoned vehicle

Highly accurate definition and detection

Whilst other analytics systems work on a single event to trigger an alarm such as a virtual tripwire or a loitering detection, via scenario based analytics, Ipsotek is able to evaluate many conditions simultaneously to correctly trigger an alarm from a complex scenario. This is configured through the Scenario Based Detection rule engine; allowing for multiple behaviour detections to be applied simultaneously or in predefined sequences, providing a detailed understanding of behaviour which dramatically reduces false alarms.

An example of the power of scenario based analytics is a simple abandoned vehicle alert. Typically a single trigger video analytics system would look for a vehicle remaining stationary in a designated area for a set time, such as three minutes, at which point an alarm would be generated. However such an alarm would be ineffective outside an airport departure terminal where almost every vehicle entering the scene would generate an alarm. Using Scenario Based Analytics, the predefined rules build an understanding of the scene; classifying objects and tracking their movements. The alert for an abandoned vehicle would only be sent when all rules are met:

  1. A vehicle stops in a predefined area
  2. The vehicle is stationary for over a predefined period of time
  3. A person is tracked abandoning the stationary vehicle

In this way our scenario based analytics solution is a versatile tool that has many benefits:

  • Allows the definition of behaviour in great detail and hence minimises false alarms
  • Brings a large degree of flexibility by simple tailoring to meet requirements
  • All detection modules are included in one perpetual license price making the system future proof
  • Integrates events triggered by other sensors with video analytics detection to improve system performance through information fusion




IFSEC, London 2018


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