Video Analytics System to Secure Large Industrial Plant




Video Analytics System to Secure Large Industrial Plant

A major security project has been introduced to resolve on-going safety and security issues on a large industrial site. Alongside a new HD PTZ Megapixel camera network to update the original analogue cameras, Ipsotek’s advanced video analytics have been installed to provide an intelligent monitoring system helping to overcome problems occurring on site.


The industrial plant is a complicated environment to secure and monitor due to its vast area and complex operational schedules. However, with Ipsotek’s advanced capabilities for the detection, classification and tracking of people, vehicles and objects through PTZ controlled cameras, this particular challenge has been overcome with incredible accuracy and an extremely low false alarm rate; a common problem area in many standard video analytic solutions. 

In order to efficiently protect production facilities and provide improved safety for the site management team, the intelligent security system solution was specifically required to:

-          Eliminate accidents caused by vehicles speeding and travelling in the wrong direction

-          Provide remote monitoring of an unmanned perimeter

-          Provide sterile zone monitoring in hazardous areas


Replacing the analogue CCTV system with an IP network system using HD PTZ Megapixel cameras was the first component of this project, offering multiple benefits for enhanced security including; the ability to monitor pixel change in real-time captured footage and to automatically ‘pan, tilt, and zoom’ into the person, object or vehicle in motion.

Through Ipsotek’s highly accurate object detection capability and behavioural recognition with proven low false alarm rate, the analytic technology embedded in the PTZ cameras has been designed to distinguish between people and vehicles, measure speed, detect intruders and send alerts to security operators in order to improve and control safety, in addition to the overall protection of the vast industrial site.

The software has also been configured to eliminate the causes of vehicle accidents on site. The management interface allows for authorised personnel to set a maximum speed limit to suit the needs of the site, analytics then detect the speed and direction of any vehicle (from a small car to a large HGV), triggering an alert for any speeding breech.

Ipsotek is additionally providing sterile zone monitoring and a perimeter protection solution for the site to detect any approaching intruder, this intelligently distinguishes between people, animals and objects to minimise false alerts. This solution has the iLIDS approval as a primary detection system for sterile zone monitoring from the UK Home Office.

The central installation and overall delivery of this project was provided by Tellemachus, a valued solution partner of Ipsotek.


The benefits to this improved PTZ and video analytics system over the old analogue system include:

-          Reducing the number of vehicle related accidents on site

-          Instant evidence of incidents occurred

-          Protection against intruders from the site perimeter and sterile zones

-          Providing above 99% long range accuracy and an extremely low false alarm rate

-          Reducing the number of security personnel required to monitor the site

-          Enabling a remote monitoring system of an unmanned site

-          Providing a scalable solution with the ability to expand for future security requirements

-          Minimising disruptions to operations

Ipsotek’s video analytics have been integrated with the existing on site management system at the industrial site; this allows the control of cameras and reporting of alerts to work with an interface that the operators are comfortable with and therefore requires no further training or additional PCs and eliminates start-up issues.

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