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Introduction to the Milestone Systems MIPS 2018, Hanoi, Vietnam


In opening the MIPS2018 Conference for Milestone Systems today (24 January 2018) in Hanoi, Vietnam, Monica Wang, senior analyst with IHS Markit provided an overview of the physical security market, with a focus the major trends in video surveillance. The physical security sector is separated into security equipment and security services, with consumer video surveillance and video analytics showing clear growth trends. Indeed, the fastest growing sector in security equipment is the consumer video surveillance segment and in security services, video analytics is showing the greatest potential for continued growth. For the APAC region, enterprise storage and video surveillance are two of the fastest growing segments.



The key market trends driving growth is the continued transition from analogue to digital cameras and this trend will continue with the advent of network cameras, representing 71% of the market by 2021. The next transition for digital cameras is moving to higher resolution cameras. As camera resolution improves there is corresponding growth in video analytics, which has forecast triple digit growth rates with capability to automate the video monitoring process. Growth is being supported with the advent of a new generation of video analytics that is building market confidence with its accuracy. By 2022, the number of cameras with inbuilt video analytics will grow by a factor of 4 and for video recorders with inbuilt video analytics, it is expected to grow by a factor of 5.

Why is there a growing market demand for deep learning video analytics? Digital video streams can create big data pools and with cloud computing and better deep learning algorithms, the benefits of rapid image processing across cloud platforms will allow the algorithms to focus on accuracy and have a capability to improve the efficiency of the video analytics solution, processing video images in a fraction of the time and in much higher volumes.

For the market segment verticals, in particular for transportation, government and retail, this capability creates new opportunities and will see the strongest growth. City Surveillance capabilities are being demonstrated in China. With a need to cover expansive geography, China is seeing network cameras deployed on a massive scale with video analytics increasingly applied for extracting facial recognition. It is now a requirement in China for tender documents to have facial recognition as standard for all City Surveillance applications.


It is inevitable that all devices will be connected, states Milestone CTO Bjørn Skou Eilertsen. As an industry leader, Milestone Systems is focusing on the three key trends of aggregation, automation and augmentation, with aggregation of devices, automation of systems and augmentation with humans.

Milestone is transforming the way its thinks about its solutions, products and platforms. With 22 solution partners, the company is maintaining its attention on the customer requirements with the Milestone video technology platform consisting of the presentation interface, device hardware, video services interface and cybersecurity. Each segment sets out to meet the corresponding key trend, with how devices are aggregated, with automation occurring in the video service interface and the augmentation provided via the presentation interface.

One of the key investments for Milestone has been on expanding the driver framework into the IoT framework and to aggregate all of the sensor information with the video services interface, through building greater video processing services at the GPU level and improving compute capacity exponentially better and faster, with more innovations coming to market in 2019. One such innovation will be in the Mobile market, with a Mobile SDK to allow customers to adapt mobile applications to their own requirements. And in cybersecurity Milestone will be certified in data privacy and security to create more confidence in its approach to security by design, security by default and security by deployment.


IFSEC, London 2018


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