Kingston University working together with Ipsotek

Ipsotek and Kingston University, both leaders in visual surveillance, are working together to create advanced motion tracking and object classification modules. Ipsotek software provides state-of-the-art behavioural recognition technology which actively monitors CCTV systems and alerts the operators to a variety of security threats, as they arise.
The Ipsotek project will create a general platform that allows users to inform the surveillance system of scenarios that are of interest and the system will then identify those situations for them. The programme is about detecting many different events. A major challenge has been creating mathematical models that are resistant to variation in illumination and weather conditions."
The platform will learn to classify objects including, but not limited to, pedestrians, cars, buses, bicycles and wildlife, as well as differentiating them from complex backgrounds. Once objects are classified, the system can ask the user about any possible threat level.
Chris Gomersall, CEO of Ipsotek, said: "We pride ourselves on being aware of the latest academic advances and so maintain links with the research community. We are particularly pleased to be working closely with Kingston University which has a well-known research team in digital imaging. We are confident that the Knowledge Transfer Partnership will help us generate innovative products as well as giving our academic partners further exposure to real-world applications."


IFSEC, London 2018


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