Ipsotek July Update

July, 2013




The last six months have proven a busy time with many new developments for Ipsotek's products, solutions and team. Among exhibiting at multiple conferences, exhibitions and shows across the globe, Ipsotek has developed a brand new product, expanded its team and opened a new office in the UAE.

New Product Release.. VI Forensic

Where video retrieval is typically based on extracting visual information from a specific location and time, VI Forensic is at the cutting edge of technology whereby retrieval is based on video content and selected parameters.


VI Forensics advanced abilities systematically allow the user to define; which surveillance area to search, a window of time to search within, the category of object i.e. person, car or bus, colour of object i.e. colour of hair or clothing and direction of travel.


The results found appear as snapshots which when selected deliver the caption of footage in which the matched description of the object, person or vehicle was met.



Thank you for visiting us.. 


On behalf of the Ipsotek team, we would like to thank you for visiting our stand at the exhibitions and events we have participated in so far this year. Namely;

  • Intersec, Dubai
  • Security & Policing, UK
  • MPOP MEA, Abu Dhabi
  • IFSEC International, UK
  • Airport Security, Jeddah
  • Axis ADP Conference, UK
  • Integrated Physical Security Seminar, Oman



Exhibitions to come..

  • IFSEC Arabia - 24-26 December 2013
  • Intersec, Dubai - 19-21 January 2014


Dubai office now open..


Ipsotek is pleased to announce the opening of our new office in Dubai. Please contact our UAE business development team if you have any projects we could contribute to.



Phone: +971 529 123 013
Email: charlie.bennett@ipsotek.com



IFSEC, London 2018


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