Ipsotek awarded for the ADS Security Innovation Awards

Ipsotek’s award winning technology Tag and Track was awarded a Highly Commended certificate for the ADS Security and Innovation Awards in recognition for making this a safer world.
Tag and Track (TNT) is a real-time multi-camera tracking technology designed for large video surveillance networks. TNT uses video content analysis (VCA) and pattern recognition technologies to continuously trace the path all people and vehicles take throughout the surveillance network. The main innovation of TNT is that it allows the real-time identification of suspects’ current location which is updated as TNT automatically follows suspects from camera to camera. This is particularly powerful where multiple suspects need to be tracked simultaneously. For forensic investigations, TNT will instantly generate a representation of all suspects journeys including video clips of any instances they appeared within a camera view. This is possible as searches for object tracks are performed on information generated from processed video (metadata) which avoids the time consuming task of revisiting hours of video following a serious incident.
The ADS Security and Innovation Awards, sponsored by General Dynamics UK, was incorporated into the Security and Policing (formerly known as HOSDB) Exhibition Dinner held at the Guildford Cathedral on 31 January 2012.
Security & Policing is the UK's only secure event for police, law enforcement and security professionals tasked with security, civil protection and National Resilience which focuses on UK innovation for global security. Held annually at the FIVE venue in Farnborough, Hampshire, Security & Policing as an event provides an environment structured to deliver value and benefit to professionals from all facets of the security sphere.
About ADS
ADS is the premier trade organisation for all companies operating in the UK Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space sectors. Farnborough International Limited (FIL) which runs the Farnborough International Airshow, is a wholly owned subsidiary. ADS also encompasses the British Aviation Group (BAG).


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