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London, Feb, 2013 - Ipsotek is pleased to announce its partnership with Avigilon, a leader in high-definition (HD) and megapixel video surveillance solutions.


The Avigilon Control Center (ACC) software is a network video management system which records and manages audio and video, using High-Definition Stream Management™ (HDSM) technology to handle storage requirements of multi-megapixel video streams. HDSM allows quick access to HD video footage by Ipsotek’s Video Content Analysis (VCA) solution, VISuite. VISuite receives video streamed from ACC and identifies predefined events and behaviour using patented Scenario Based Detection (SBD) rule engine. SBD allows multiple behaviour detections to be applied simultaneously or in predefined sequences providing a detailed understanding of behaviour, which dramatically reduces false alarms.


“The integration of high-definition video surveillance and video content analysis provides organizations with proactive business intelligence,” said Rick Ramsay, senior product manager at Avigilon. “The image detail our solutions provide means advanced solutions like Ipsotek can operate to their full potential.”


Ipsotek’s VISuite is a real-time VCA solution with a unique combination of software running on purpose-built hardware. The video analysis output from VISuite is low bandwidth, reliable metadata related to people/vehicle movements (tracks), event detections (alarms) and counting statistics (people/vehicle). 


“This partnership enables the provision of complete solutions to improving service quality through Ipsotek’s advanced video analytics being integrated with Avigilon's high-definition surveillance solutions.  Ipsotek’s focus is to provide solutions which are performance driven and cost effective.” said Sateesh Pedagadi, Senior R&D Engineer at Ipsotek.


The integration of VISuite with ACC will offer end users complete solutions for perimeter protection, intrusion detection, traffic management, crowd management, business intelligence, and advanced people and vehicle tracking. This partnership will therefore project stronger long-term, mutual success by providing the market with an added value to customers’ video surveillance installations.


About Ipsotek   


Ipsotek provides proven video analytics solutions with applications in both the commercial and public sectors. Typical solutions include perimeter protection (i-LIDS Primary Classification), intrusion detection, people and vehicle tracking (Award winning technology: Tag and Track), traffic management, compliance and operational efficiency and crowd management. Our solutions are effortlessly applied to the transportation, critical infrastructure and government, casino, retail, energy and construction market sectors. Unique to Ipsotek is our Scenario Based Detection approach which allows multiple behaviour detections to be applied simultaneously or in predefined sequences providing a detailed understanding of behaviour which dramatically reduces false alarms.  


Transform business through innovative use of video information with Ipsotek.


For more information please visit http://www.ipsotek.com


About Avigilon


Avigilon (TSX: AVO) is defining the future of protection through innovative high-definition surveillance solutions. Delivering the world's best image quality, our industry-leading HD network video management software and megapixel cameras are reinventing surveillance.


Information about Avigilon can be found at www.avigilon.com


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