Intelligent protection in Afghanistan

Ipsotek, a global leader in video analytics, is protecting armouries and perimeters at a key security base in Afghanistan.
The company’s video analytics suite is protecting over 300 expatriate, Gurkha and Afghan personnel by alerting the local guard force to threats including perimeter intrusion and loitering at ArmorGroup’s Camp Anjuman, its forward operating base in Kabul. Protected by blast walls and with underground bunkers, Camp Anjuman is one of the only purpose-built commercial facilities in Afghanistan and contains a NATO-standard armoury and close-quarter-battle training house as well as its own health clinic.
Ivor Wood, Logistics Manager for ArmorGroup, said: “The Ipsotek system was set up within a few days and proved intuitive to use, even for non-English speaking operators. The analytics have performed as promised. When presented with new visual security challenges, Ipsotek is one of the first companies I call.”
He continued: “As ArmorGroup continues to win major man-guarding contracts in high-risk counties such as Afghanistan and Iraq, we see technology such as this as an essential element of a fast-reaction capability where ‘response’ can already mean ‘too late.’”
A $3million centre, Anjuman Camp is highly secure and self-sufficient and acts as a hub for ArmorGroup’s extensive security operations across Afghanistan, supporting over 900 missions a month across the country in support of the UK and US Governments and a number of commercial organisations.
A UK-based company, ArmorGroup is one of the world’s largest protective security companies, employs 9,000 highly-trained personnel and has long-term operations within 38 countries. It currently guards over ten UK and US Embassies around the world, these including Afghanistan, Ecuador and Rwanda, and also provides international police advisers to the Afghan and Iraqi National Police.
Ipsotek, a leading player in the intelligent video market, offers a true Visual IntelligenceTM CCTV software solution and is widely respected for its R & D activity. It is the only company in the world to provide full integration of video and audio analytics.
The Visual Intelligence Suite TM is used for applications where humans often struggle to monitor developments as they arise. These can cover traffic management, people counting, border security, counter-terrorism, abnormal pedestrian and vehicular movement, suspect packages, platform suicide and many forms of street crime or anti-social activity. Such behaviour includes but is not limited to prostitution/kerb crawling, drug dealing, abandoned vehicles, muggings, shoplifting and trackside intrusion.
Building on a flexible core of behavioural algorithms, Ipsotek’s development team can, whenever necessary, create innumerable client-specific alarm triggers covering individual needs.
Chris Gomersall, CEO of Ipsotek, said: "We are delighted to have been selected by Armor Group to provide an analytics solution for Camp Anjuman. It is evidence that when presented with visual security challenges in the world's most inhospitable and challenging environments, Ipsotek remains the default analytics choice."


IFSEC, London 2018


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