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Command conclusion
However, as important as it is to sense a possible threat, the need to correctly categorise and analyse images brings much-needed efficiency to such operations.
‘CCTV systems are useless if they cannot tell the difference between a burglar and the neighbourhood cat,’ said Bill Flind, CEO of UK-based Ipsotek. ‘Ipsotek was created to use video analytical techniques to identify potential problems at any time of the day, in good or bad weather.’
He said that the company’s solutions are able to detect and highlight an object of interest’s actual location in three dimensions: ‘Where is that object in the real world?
The simplest way to define this is to geo-tag that object by performing 3D modelling of the camera scene. Having achieved that, you can easily then find out how far and where that object is in reference to the camera.
‘The system knows where the camera is and where it is pointing, so from there the GPS co-ordinates can be calculated for every object that is being tracked in the camera view.’


The deployment of 3D video analytics with GPS capability into this environment means that instead of just showing the operator a flat image with some bounding boxes, it is now possible to display the location of the object that triggered the alert onto a map or plan. This also graphically indicates the direction and speed of travel of the object and, more importantly, its distance from sensitive assets.
Flind further described the effectiveness of this technology in that it automatically controls the cameras to zoom on and track the target to further assist operators and provide more control of an unfolding incident.
It is clear from the technologies being developed that perimeter protection is as much about sensing, analysing and categorising threats as putting physical barriers in place to stop them.
Deterrence remains vital, so visible cameras and fences have a role to play. But should an incident involving non-state actors or other aggressors breaching a port’s perimeter security occur then the system tasked with its defence must be able to play a role as the situation unfolds.




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