Investigation and Forensics

Investigation and Forensics



Investigation and Forensics

Ipsotek’s video analytics for investigation and forensics video analysis solution empowers operators with the ability to use video analytics for people and vehicle tracking (Tag and Track) through a network of overlapping and non-overlapping CCTV cameras. In forensic video analysis mode the ‘Tag and Track’ system can be used to define; which surveillance area to search, a window of time to search within, the category of object and the direction of travel.
When the behaviour of a person or vehicle satisfies a predefined video analytics rule, Ipsotek’s VISuite will trigger an alarm and can also control a PTZ camera to track that person or vehicle.


  • Follow tagged individuals or vehicles within a multi or single camera network and in crowded places using Ipsotek's Tag and Track technology
  • Indoor and outdoor deployment, server or edge based analytics
  • Our Video Analytics for Investigation solution enables real time synchronisation with other sensors and auxiliary inputs e.g. RFID, access control etc. to automatically start tracking an individual
  • An Intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) allows operators to interact with the system and run many tasks simultaneously

Benefits of forensic video analysis solutions

  • Improve service quality target performance by identifying backtracking incidents, average queue times etc.
  • Identify exact location of people and vehicles in real time
  • Save hours of manual forensic video analysis of video footage by trawling through hours of video in minutes
  • Assist CCTV operators efficiency by tracking multiple individuals simultaneously (forensic and real time applications)

Key reference deployments

  • Video Analytics for Investigation and Forensics Video Analysis using Ipsotek's Tag and Track technology in Kingston Town centre (trial)
  • Investigation and Forensics using people tracking capabilities in Manchester Airport (trial)

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IFSEC, London 2018


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