Commercial & Other

    Commercial & Other

    Ipsotek have developed solutions to guarantee a return on investment across various types of commercial buildings, heavy industry, venues and businesses. This is achieved using advanced video analytics to improve the operations and efficiency of security systems already in place.

    Our capabilities range from the ability to count people and track customer movements in shopping centres, to crowd and queue management in sporting arenas and stadiums. Other business solutions range from counting of roulette wheel spins in casinos, to left object detection in hotels and banks.

    Allow your operators to make proactive decisions about incidents based on real-time analysis and reporting across this sector.

    Business intelligence

    • People counting and footfall metrics
    • People tracking reports (heat maps)
    • Queue management
    • Real time in-store data on shopper counts
    • Store format layout performance measurement
    • Valuable marketing campaign insight data
    • Dwell analysis (store layout footfall heat map)
    • Car park usage
    • Activity and event counting on casino gaming tables

    Security and safety compliance

    • Warehouse security – intrusion detection
    • Perimeter protection
    • Detect unauthorised removal of stock
    • Protect stock using secure zones
    • Burglary prevention
    • Loitering and vandalism prevention
    • Tracking of staff and guards
    • Instantly locate any person in a camera network
    • Car park monitoring and car surfing detection
    • Detect speeding vehicles
    • Detect abandoned vehicles
    • Smoke detection
    • Detect blocked emergency exits

    Access control in the retail industry

    • Anti-tailgating using virtual turnstiles
    • Protect sensitive or restricted areas
    • Protect valuable assets
    • People and vehicle tracking


    IFSEC, London 2018


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