Improved CCTV security

With security being your priority why not eliminate human error and ensure your operators are alerted to any developing threats and allow them timely intervention? By processing live video in real time the following are typical security enhancements that improve CCTV: identification of suspects, detection of trespassers into restricted or sensitive areas, identification of these trespassers in addition to proactive threat level assessment.

Operational cost saving

In supplying your business and clients with the best security solution possible there is always the cost implication. Ipsotek’s video analytics could help reduce costs across industries and present a significant ROI by ensuring the following with the most obvious being: improved CCTV monitoring of several cameras simultaneously by operators and the ability to trawl through hours of video in seconds in addition to theft and vandalism prevention, minimised disruptions to operations and avoidance of penalties by complying with health and safety regulations.

Performance enhancement

Improve and enhance operational performance with Ipsotek’s video analytics based on high detection and low false alarm rates by detecting incidents, improving reaction time to incidents, avoiding gridlocks and implement changes to identified areas of improvement.


Maintained safety and compliance

By detecting blocked emergency exits, incidents in tunnels and level crossing obstacles in addition to avoiding overcrowding on station platforms and at entertainment venues by implementing our unique crowd management solution you are able to maintain and comply with stringent health and safety regulations.

Improved service quality

Customers will always remember the experience you’ve given them. Therefore it is imperative that you identify areas of improvements and implement the necessary changes. Some of the ways our video analytics can improve service quality are: staff deployment optimisation, identify predefined events and behaviour, identify and adequately react to bottlenecks as well as improved queue management.

Policing and enforcement

With recorded evidence at your fingertips you are able to improve CCTV to aid in policing and enforcement by identifying and tracking suspects in real time, detect speeding and illegally parked vehicles, improve the efficiency of forensic investigations and protect borders and vulnerable sites.


IFSEC, London 2018


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