i-LIDSThe Imagery Library for Intelligent Detection Systems (i-LIDS) is a UK government benchmark for video analytics systems which is acknowledged worldwide. i-LIDS comprises a library of CCTV video footage based around ‘scenarios’ which accurately represents real operating conditions and potential threats.
Ipsotek technology gained 'i-LIDS Primary' accreditation in 2009 for use as a Primary Detection System in the operational alert role for sterile zone monitoring applications. Ipsotek demonstrated capabilities to detect defined 'alarm events' with a minimal false alarm rate. 
This recognition of high quality and reliable video analytics provides assurance that high-security sites and projects will be monitored to the utmost level of protection. Installations include Transport for London traffic managementLondon Eye, the O2 Arena, Network Rail, the Australian Parliament, plus various international airports and other critical buildings & infrastructures around the world.
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CPNICPNI is a UK Government agency that provides advice and sets standards for the protection of facilities deemed vital for the functioning of the country. These sites are integral to ensuring continuous and unhindered essential services despite threats from natural events, major accidents and malicious attacks for the following service areas:

  • communications
  • emergency services
  • energy
  • financial services
  • food
  • government
  • health
  • transport
  • water

The UK Government use a "Criticality Scale" to categorise levels for severity of impact. This includes three impact dimensions: impact on delivery of the nation's essential services; economic impact (arising from loss of essential service) and impact on life (arising from loss of essential service). 
Ipsotek VISuite gained CPNI accreditation and is certified to be used to secure Critical National Infrastructures.  

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