Airport environments are vast, fast paced and have complicated operational schedules. The nature of the aviation industry requires the constant use of heavy duty machinery, vehicles and the incoming and outgoing of planes. As well as being a hazardous site for health and safety, any delay in responses can cause disruptions to operations, unsatisfactory service delivery and major unforeseen costs.

Terminal buildings are of key concern when it comes to security and operational efficiency. Identification and fast resolution of issues are of paramount importance to ensure the safe and secure operation of this expansive and fluctuating environment.   

Ipsotek’s advanced video analytics provide effective solutions to improve the efficiency of systems already in place. These can detect, analyse and alert to improve security, increase public safety and enhance operational performance in airports.

Allow your operators to make proactive decisions on airport operations as incidents unfold based on real-time analysis and reporting.

Airport Security

  • Airport Perimeter protection
  • Airside intrusion detection and virtual zoning
  • Cargo Loading Zone (CLZ) security
  • Passenger and vehicle tracking and threat level assessment
  • Anti-tailgating and pass-back detection
  • Monitoring of drop-off and pick-up areas
  • Alerting of abandoned vehicles and packages
  • Facial recognition to idenitfy persons on a watch list

Improve service quality target performance

  • Locate passengers late for a flight
  • Optimise staff deployment
  • Predict formation of bottle necks
  • Queue and crowd management

Airport Intelligence

  • Real time passenger metrics report
  • Real time zoned footfall reports
  • Journey time measurement
  • Monitor and report on aircraft turnaround times

Cost saving

  • Exit lane monitoring
  • Efficient forensic analysis of events
  • Maintain compliance and avoid penalties



IFSEC, London 2018


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